Frequently Asked Questions

Is GoBanyo nonprofit?

Yes. GoBanyo is a registered nonprofit nonprofit private limited company, consisting on the organisations Viva con Agua Stiftung, Hanseatic Help e.V., clubkinder e.V., three private individuals and Dominik Bloh.

What does the operation look like?

– 4 Locations

– 7 days of operation per week, one of them is a day especially for homeless woman

– 4-5 hours of pure operation time per day,

– three bathrooms

– since the beginning of December

Where are the locations?

Our operating times and locations can be seen here. These times are meant for our homeless guests. We would like to expressly ask all other interested parties to visit the shower bus only for special public events and not while operation. Thank you for understanding. <3

monday 10 am- 2pm: Showers at the Steintorplatz

monday 9 am – 2 pm: Showers at the Millerntor

tuesday 9 am – 2 pm: Showers at the Millerntor

wednesday 9 am – 2 pm: Showers at the Millerntor

thursday 9 am – 2 pm: Showers at the Millerntor

thursday 10 am- 2 pm: Showers in Bergedorf

friday 9 am – 2 pm: Showers at the Millerntor

friday 10 am- 2pm: Showers at the Steintorplatz

saturday 10 am- 2 pm: Showers at the Steintorplatz (woman only)

sunday 10 am- 2pm: Showers at the Steintorplatz

Do you accept donations in kind?

If you are interested in donating us Hygiene products, clothes and / or other materials: please write us an email to kontakt(at) Under no circumstances should you bring donations in kind directly to the bus. We are always equipped for operation and have no storage space. We do not accept donations in kind there. Thank you for understanding. 

Can I receive a donation receipt?

Yes. You can email Chris via

GoBanyo is certified as a nonprofit company through the tax authorities of Hamburg. Your donations are tax-deductible. For donations up to 200 Euro we can issue a basic donation receipt which serves as a tax declaration in conjunction with your bank statement. This is valid for an arbitrary number of donations during the year, as long as the single donation amount does not exceed 200 Euro.

Who are the people behind GoBanyo?

GoBanyo is a classic grassroots organization. We are friends who have been working for nonprofit organizations for years. We have great support from other organizations such as clubkinder e.V., Hanseatic Help e.V. and the Viva con Agua foundation.

Why is the remodeling of the bus so expensive?

A shower-bus for homeless people has never been built before in Germany. A lot of items need to be custom-made, both practical yet comfortable for the guests. The remodeling is not done by volunteers but by middle-sized enterprises. It requires engineers that need to be paid a good wage for their work.

How can I help most?

By the end of April in 2019, we have reached the total amount for the remodeling project via our crowdfunding on Startnext. You can help by supporting us via donations for the running costs or support as a volunteer. Just write us an e-Mail. And of course to tell about the project 🙂

Why a mobile solution?

Homeless people are prohibited to feel good in their own skins. They rarely have the chance to take a shower. By providing the bus, we can visit highly frequented places and reach people with restricted mobility such as those with physical impairment or those who cannot afford to take public transportation to come to us. We are flexible and can rearrange our routes according to the needs.

How can I contact you?

telephone: +49 40 53542496

(mo-fr, 11am – 4 pm)

via mail anytime:

When is the bus on road?

The remodeling started in late May 2019 and lasted 6 months. On the 5th of December 2019 we had the first day of operation and could offer the first guests a fresh shower